Since the 2000s, there has been a number of legal and technical regulations concerning several areas affecting companies and their business (criminal liability of companies, workplace safety, training obligations, privacy, waste management, etc.).

The complexity of these regulations and the high degree of technicality require the support of professionals who possess these skills, and it is a remarkable advantage for a company to have a single point of contact to access these different specializations.

For this reason, EU®EKA, through the professionals of its network, provides to its clients multi- disciplinary services relating IP matters, with specific regard to:

  • Services for accessing financing and tax relief measures (patent box, tax credit, public funding, start-up establishment, etc.)
  • Due diligence
  • Privacy, GDPR compliance and data security
  • Feasibility analysis, market analysis, prototyping, design, industrialization and development of marketing strategies for innovative products protected by IP rights
  • Consultancy and assistance for development and management of sales networks abroad
  • Consultancy relating to partnerships and companies and to relations between companies and shareholders (Company law)

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