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U.I.B.M. (Ufficio Italiano Marchi e Brevetti) is the department of the Minister for the Economic Development responsible for registering patents, trademarks and designs.
New models capable of conferring particular effectiveness or easiness of application or use to machines, or part thereof, to instruments, tools or objects of general use such as new models consisting in particular conformations, dispositions, configurations or combinations of parts. Therefore, processes cannot be patented as utility models. 
10 years as from the date of the filing of the application. Renewal fees are due starting from the second 5th-year period. It is also possible to belatedly pay the renewal fee up to six months after the due date, provided that a surcharge is paid. 
An Italian utility model shall confer on its holder the exclusive right to use it and to prevent any third party not having his consent from using it. The aforementioned use shall cover, in  particular,  the making,  offering,  putting  on  the  market,  importing,  exporting  or  using of  a product having features within the scope of the granted claims, or equivalents thereof. 
Italy is part of the Paris convention, and therefore it is possible to claim the priority date of one or more foreign applications filed not earlier than 12 months before the filing date. A certified copy of the priority application is to be filed, together with an Italian translation thereof.
The application can be filed in any language. However, a translation into Italian is to be filed within 60 days from filing.
The Office carries out only a formal examination, and therefore no request for examination is to be made. 
Voluntary amendments (obviously within the content of the application as filed) are possible up to the grant of the application. After grant, only limitations to the scope of protection as granted are possible.
The filing of one or more divisional applications, both voluntary and mandatory upon an invitation of the Office, is possible up to the grant of the application.
No granting nor printing fees are to be paid, nor particular procedures are to be followed. Upon granting of the application, the Office simply emits the grant certificate and mentions the grant into the electronic bulletin. 
No opposition procedure before the Office is provided. Invalidity of a utility model is only to be challenged before an Italian Court.
An appeal may be filed against the decisions of the Italian PTO (e.g. against the refusal of an application) within 60 days from the notification of the decision.  
An utility model application may be converted into a patent application, both voluntarily and mandatorily upon an invitation of the Office, up to the grant of the application. After grant, the conversion is possible but is to be established by an Italian Court. 
A European patent application that is refused, withdrawn or deemed to be withdrawn or a European Patent that is revoked (e.g. after an Opposition bfore the EPO) may be converted into an Italian utility model application, provided that the substantive requirements are fulfilled. 
Italy cannot be directly designated or elected in a PCT application. The only way to obtain protection by a utility model in Italy starting form a PCT application is through the European Regional phase, leaving the application to lapse (possibly only for Italy) and requesting the conversion of the lapsed European Patent Application (see preceding paragraph). Since the EPO automatically considers a PCT Application as a European Patent Application, the conversion may be requested also if no acts have been performed to enter the European Regional phase (e.g. no filing fees have been paid), upon receiving the communication that the corresponding application is deemed to be withdrawn.
Further processing and Re-establishing of rights are possible. 
To inform the public and the competitors, it is recommended to use wording "Patent pending" with the application number on the products/packaging/advertising, and "Patented" with the granting number when the utility model is granted. 
Italian I.P. Code allows starting a legal action (ordinary proceedings and/or summary proceedings to obtain description, seizure or summary injunctions) on the base of a patent application. 
Any change regarding the name and place of business of the owner, assignments, licenses and any action related to the utility model has to be entered into the Patent register. The registration of the assignment is necessary to enforce the exclusive rights deriving from a utility model. 

Applicant’s data (Name, address, nationality);

Inventor’s data (Name, address, nationality);

Text of the application (preferably in WORD format) and drawings (if any, preferably in DXF or JPG format);

Translation into Italian of the application (60 days from filing);

Priority document (if claimed, 6 months from filing or 16 months from priority date, whichever expires later);

Translation of the priority document (if claimed);

Power of Attorney, simply signed (60 days from filing).