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U.I.B.M. (Ufficio Italiano Marchi e Brevetti) is the department of the Minister for the Economic Development responsible for registering patents, trademarks and designs. 
10 years from the filling date. The Italian trademark is renewable for the same period. It is possible to file a renewal application from 1 year before the expiration date to six month after such date. In this case a proper fee is due. 
The IT confers on its owner exclusive rights therein. IT owner is be entitled to prevent all third parties not having his consent from using an identical or similar trademark in connection to identical or similar goods/services. 
The Office carries out an examination verifying formal requirements of the IT application and other relevant substantial requirements in particular the distinctiveness of the sign. No examination for the novelty character is provided. 
After the examination, the IT application is published in the Bulletin of the Italian trademark. 
Any third parties who consider the published IT application as detrimental for its previous rights can file an opposition before the Office within 3 months from the publication date. 
The time required to obtain the registration depend on U.I.B.M. backlog, generally is less than 1 year (if any opposition is filed of course). 
IT registration could be revoked by I.P. Courts if, within a continuous period of five years, the trademark has not been put to genuine use in the national territory in connection with the goods or services in respect of which it is registered, and there are no proper reasons for non-use. 
IT registration shall be  declared  invalid  by I.P. Courts where  the IT has been  registered contrary to the provisions of Italian I.P. Code or where the applicant was acting in bad faith when he filed the application for the trade mark. 
To inform the public and the competitors it is recommended to use wording "IT filed" on the goods/packaging/advertising after the filling, and "Italian Trademark Registered" or the symbol ® when the trademark is registered. 
Italian I.P. Code consents to start a legal action (ordinary proceedings and/or summary proceedings to obtain description, seizure or summary injunctions) on the base of a trademark application (Italian or CTM application).
Any change regarding the name and place of business of the owner, assignments, licenses and any action related to trademark rights has to be entered into IT trademarks register.
Italyis part of the Paris convention, and therefore it is possible to claim the priority date of one or more foreign applications filed not earlier than 6 months before the filing date. To claim the priority deriving from a foreign trademark application, it is request a certified copy of such earlier application.

Applicant’s data (Name, address, nationality);

List of goods/services;

Drawing (jpeg file);

Priority document (if claimed);

Power of Attorney, simply signed (60 days from filing).